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Triclabendazole confirms to originatorĂ¢€™s standards in all respects and is perfectly suited for use in all dosage forms available for veterinary use. The product complies with BP vet 98. The color of solution and color of index is extremely white and passes all tests. Our product has excellent stability & consistency and such data is available on request. Triclabendazole is with a single mono spot with TCL Chromatogram, which can be found only with the originatorĂ¢€™s product. The moisture content is less than 0.5% . Total impurity limit is normally 2% maximum and is always less than 0.5% n-methyl derivative is not more than 1.5% and is always less than 0.1% Veterinary master file (VMF) or drug master file - open part is available to assure about the quality standards of the product. The Product is made from basic raw material & Propionic acids, chemical thereby creating non -dependability on any intermediate suppliers for supplies and quality. Micronized. Triclabendazole is available with various micron sizes up to 5 microns for use in suspension grade, oral suspension or drenches. The product complies with in house specifications and method of analysis is fully validated.UMA BROTHERS is reliable and trustable Triclabendazole suppliers in mumbai,maharashta inda.